Thursday, July 14

• This Year's ECOthon presented by Barrier Island Eco Tours

Barrier Island Eco Tours proudly presents the 12th Annual Barrier Island ECOthon! This unique event will take place on Sunday, October 2, 2016 over Charleston’s naturally beautiful barrier islands of Capers, Dewees, Isle of Palms & Sullivans. The ECOthon is a sprint style adventure race with paddling, swimming, running & biking, and is a distinctive fundraising event. The ECOthon is designed to offer you the opportunity to be fully immersed in nature while challenging your abilities, with the additional benefit of providing compassionate support to the Charleston Tibetan Society. Previous ECOthons have raised over $20,000 directly improving the lives of Tibetans around the world as well as assisting and inspiring many people affected by cancer thru the &amp. Sincere thanks to ALL the participants, sponsors and volunteers who support the ECOthon!  
The Barrier Island ECOthon is ultimately a journey, although it also provides a competitive option for those who wish. It is synergistically designed to encourage a healthy ECOconscious lifestyle, provide a unique opportunity to experience nature while being a benefit not only to yourself, but to others as well through the proceeds of this unique charitable event.The ECOthon genuinely wishes to empower you to strengthen your belief in yourself and your natural capabilities to achieve your dreams! In any moment, each of us has immense inner power to change our world in many positive ways & to make our dreams a reality through the force of a focused mind combined with the power of persistent perseverance! Remember the ECOthon’s motto:

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